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Mold Remediation


Our Bio-One team properly contains areas infested with mold and discards any household or business items that have been highly contaminated, whether that entails tearing out and reconstructing areas or less thorough mold removal procedures. The remediation may include minor or major repairs, dependent on the level of mold damage. If mold is not treated by mold removal contractors or mold damage companies, it will spread and destroy everything it grows on and cause serious damage to a property’s structure. Mold also poses serious risks to your health. It can trigger allergic reactions and even asthma attacks for those who are very sensitive to mold. Mold damage is not only bad for your health, it’s bad for your business! Mold presents serious liabilities that no employer should ignore or address lightly.

what WE DO


Having a background in asbestos and lead based paint abatement, air quality is our specialty. We will employ the most advanced methods of remediation known to microbial science to ensure your home or business is safe. 


After a fire, the smell and soot can be a big problem. We will take no shortcuts to ensure the toxins are removed from the home and make sure all areas are free from the smell of smoke and soot.  


High moisture levels are the cause of all mold problems. We use the finest technology to find water problems at their source, measure them, mitigate the water, and monitor to ensure that unit levels are acceptable again. 


When disaster strikes in your home or business and there is a flood, we respond quickly to help clean up the water to limit damage. Our crews are polite, and considerate as they work in your home in an emergency atmosphere. 

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EBM (Environmental Building Maintenance) is locally owned and operated by Brad Sneed. We will provide you with the best service with our many years of experience. We realize you have many choices when it comes to environmental cleanup and restoration of your property, and we want you to be happy that you chose us. Give us a call today to see how we can help you restore your home or office!